Please read the anti-spam policy below carefully before purchasing WhatSender Pro.

We are against SPAM and help prevent it

WhatSender’s policy on SPAM is very clear: we are completely against SPAM or junk messages. If, at any time, a customer or legal entity manages to send any type of SPAM through our services, the case will be duly investigated and punished.

Prevent SPAM. Useful tips before sending a message

To prevent SPAM and its implicit consequences, before sending a message, verify that your process respects the following principles:

  • Your registries were not created based on purchased or leased listings.
  • There are no generic or suspicious numbers in your personal data list.
  • Your registry list is up to date and does not contain numbers of people who signed up a long time ago.
  • Your messages are only addressed to people who have given you explicit permission to send them notifications.
  • The cancellation system works correctly.
  • The message does not contain false or incorrect information.

WhatSender is a service focused on permission marketing that has all the necessary tools, in terms of development and control, to prevent your company from incurring any of the vices that could make it suspect of generating SPAM.

We don’t

WhatsApp spamming, WhatsApp automation messages.

Anti-Spam Policy

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