05 Feb, 23

In this article we will explain how to create and manage an address book.

Necessary software:

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Google Sheets
  3. Apache OpenOffice

In this guide we will refer to Microsoft Excel

menu item To create the address book, click on the Address Book and then Add new address book

#Add new address book

We remind you that the creation of directories is obligatorily done through XLSX files, it is not possible to create a directory manually , so let’s download the file by clicking on Download XLSX file and open it with Microsoft Excel.

I want to remind you that after creating the address book you can manage the contacts manually, creating, modifying or deleting them. So if you intend to manage the address book manually, upload the same file you downloaded by clicking on Download XLSX file and then modify the contacts as desired.

#Download XLSX files

As soon as it is opened with Microsoft Excel, click quietly on Enable modification

#Enable editing

By opening the file we have 9 columns available that we will use the headers as tags in the messages

  1. Name {name}
  2. telephone {phone}
  3. Email {email}
  4. Memo {memo}
  5. Column 1 {column1}
  6. Colonna 2 {column2}
  7. Column 3 {column3}
  8. Column 4 {column4}
  9. Column 5 {column5}

In the example in the photo, I filled in some columns on the user Marco Antonio who created a message like this:

Hello {name} , we remind you that {column1} at {column2} you have an appointment at our office. Is your {email} address correct? {memo}

That the user Marco Antonio will receive as follows:

Hello Marco Antonio , we remind you that on Tuesday at 20.30 you have an appointment at our office. Is your address marco@live.it correct? We will see each other soon

Filling in the following fields name, email, memo, column1, column2, column3, column4 and column5 are optional. The mandatory field is phone.

IMPORTANT: column The phone must be formatted in number format without decimals. Microsoft Excel official guide

#Address book management

Once the work is finished, give a name to the address book , choose the file just compiled by clicking on Browse and import it by clicking on Send

#Import address book

Now that we have imported the address book using the action key we can view , edit and delete

#Address book management

By clicking on Modify we can change the name of the address book or import new contacts by loading an XLSX file and then clicking on Send

#Edit address book

By clicking on View instead we will be able to modify or add new contacts

#View contacts

Once in the address book, if we need to modify a contact using the action key, click on Modify or delete it by clicking on Delete

#Edit contact

By clicking Modify we will be able to add or delete content to the contact

#Edit contact

Please note that the Contact Name can be left blank. tag If that data is empty and you use the {name} , the system will automatically apply the word Mr/Mrs