16 Jan, 23

In this guide we will see how to activate and deactivate the device settings.

List Device

Why do I need a prefix?

This prefix will distinguish between normal auto reply or webhook auto reply.

This device is dedicated for OpenAI chatGPT, can I avoid calling the bot name?

YES you can, just choose “No prefix” in the drop down menu.


(1) What is the Autoswitch?

(default YES)

This is to enable/disable the bot to switch sender if the current sender is banned or OFFLINE

(2) What is the OpenAI prefix?

(default “device->name”)

This is the bot name followed by “,” (comma) then the question.

(3) What is self-reading?

(default NO)

This is to enable/disable the bot’s behavior to mark the message status as “read” (passed), usually indicated by 2 blue check marks.

(4) What is Group Auto Answer?

(default NO)

This is to enable/disable the auto reply function within the whatsapp group.

Serve Aiuto?