03 Jan, 23

I see there are 2 textboxes on each button.  How do I use it?

I’ll refer to them as “topTextBox” and “bottomTextBox” to explain this better.

  • topTextBox = the actual text that is shown on the button, I won’t explain further on this, this is self explanatory.
  • bottomTextBox = the function, now I want to explain it further, please read the next question below!


What are the functions I can use with bottomTextBox?

There are 3 functions available:

  1. As hyperlink/html.  If you enter a URL that starts with “http” or “https”, a button will automatically be created that will redirect to that URL.  That means you can enter “https://wa.me/393337660014?text=Hello”, it will open whatsapp-web (on computer browser) or whatsapp app (on phone).
  2. As a telephone dialer. If you enter a phone number starting with “+”, a button will automatically be created that will open the phone dialer on your phone (it won’t work on a computer browser).

This is a very cool feature and I guess most of you come here just for this feature.  This button function will create an automatic chat bot.  Let’s read the next question!


How to create a chatbot using buttons?

This chatbot will create a structure similar to a “tree”.  We will need to create the main menu, let’s create a keyword “info”.

Go to the Auto Reply menu -> New Auto Reply

Next we will create 2 new buttons “yesNewUser” and “noNewUser


pay attention to bottomTextBox.  We will use them for our next keywords.


We will then create 2 new keywords “yesNewUser” and “noNewUser“, which will activate based on the button created previously.


And so on.