03 Jan, 23

With our plugin you send any notification to your clients via Booknetic’s appointment booking system.  The client can get instant WhatsApp notifications about the appointment date and time when they make an appointment from your WordPress website.  This service will be useful for strengthening contact with customers by increasing the quality of the service provided.

The type of WhatsApp notifications can also vary depending on the company system.  Let’s say you have many staff members in different company locations.  Customers can also make an appointment with these staff members.  In this case, you may need to send WhatsApp messages to both your customers and staff members.  In this sense, the notification settings of Booknetic WhatsApp offer you exactly the system you need.

Sending WhatsApp notifications when a new appointment is added

You can send a predefined email message when a customer makes a reservation.  So you are up to date with all bookings.

Sending WhatsApp notifications when appointment is rescheduled

Notifications are sent to your and the client’s phone number when the client or staff member changes the appointment date via the client panel and also the staff admin panel.  This will notify you of any changes made through Booknetic.

Send WhatsApp notifications when an appointment is canceled or status changes

You will be notified with SMS notification when the customer changes the status of an appointment or cancels from the customer panel.  Also, the change made through the admin panel will notify the affected people as well.  Here you can send different notifications using filters based on the previous and current status of the appointment.  For example, if a customer cancels an approved appointment, they will notify related people.

Sending WhatsApp notifications N minutes before the appointment (reminder)

Here you can send reminders to your email address with any possible configuration.  For example, send an SMS notification to the customer 1 hour before the appointment starts.

Sending WhatsApp notifications N minutes after the appointment (reminder)

After the appointment, you will be able to send any notifications to the addresses you specified previously.  Using this form of notification, you can get feedback on your customers’ appointments and improve the quality of your business.

Sending WhatsApp notifications when a new customer is created

You can send a notification every time a new customer is created.  If a customer makes an appointment on your website for the first time, a random password is generated and sent to the customer via notifications if the correct setting is activated in the settings.


Installation and Configuration

Installing the “Whatsender Whatsapp action for Booknetic workflows” plugin from your dashboard is one of the easiest ways to get it up and running quickly.  The first thing to do is go to the plugins section of your WordPress dashboard and click on “Add New” then on “Upload Plugin” and finally “Install”.

It will then be possible to activate the plugin and configure it with Whatsender.it.



Then click on “Activate plugin” to activate “Whatsender Whatsapp action for Booknetic workflows”.



Now from the left menu, click on the “Booknetic” item to direct us to the plugin dashboard



Now let’s go to “(1) Settings”, then click on “(2) General settings”.



Scroll down to “Integration settings”, click on “(1) WhatsApp Whatsender” and enter the “(2) Sender Number” and the “(3) API Token”



We will retrieve the API TOKEN and the SENDER PHONE NUMBER FOR WHATSAPP in the Whatsender DASHBOARD on this page in relation to the SENDER PHONE and API TOKEN column:




Once this is done, we just have to configure the “Events” that we will use as we please to create messages for any event to be sent on Whataspp.  We can choose recipients such as the shop owner, the operator or the customer.  In the photo below we have configured the messages only for the end customer.  So let’s click on “(1) Workflow” and then “(2) Edit” to add the event.



Click on “Add”



We choose the event from the drop-down menu “Send WhatsApp message via Whatsender”



And click “Next” to continue



Now we can finally create the event.  In “To” we will choose the recipient of the message which in this case we have chosen the “Customer telephone number”



Now tap the turn of  “Message”.  By clicking on the “Tag” symbol Booknetic allows us to insert via tag, for example with the tag {appointment_data} if inserted in the message it will show the date of the appointment.




Hello {customer_full_name}, We have received your reservation for {appointment_date}

 For the following service: {service_name}

 We will remind you an hour earlier, don't worry.

 See you soon.


It will arrive at the customer like this:


Hi Marco, we have received your reservation for 12/12/2022

 For the following service: Haircut

 We will remind you an hour earlier, don't worry.

 See you soon.

Now click on “Save” to save our event.



Click on “(1) Save” and then on “(2) Workflow” to return to the list of flows.



By repeating the steps we created more events to all “Workflows”


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