05 Feb, 23

Address book creation and management

In this article we will explain how to create and manage an address book. Necessary software: Microsoft Excel Google Sheets Apache OpenOffice In this guide we will refer to Microsoft Excel menu item To create the address book, click on the Address Book and then Add new address book #Add new address book We remind you that the creation of directories is obligatorily done through XLSX files, it is not possible to create a directory manually , so let's download the file by clicking on Download XLSX file and open it with Microsoft Excel. I want to remind you that…
16 Jan, 23

Auto Read, Auto Switch, Openai Prefix, Auto Answer Group

In this guide we will see how to activate and deactivate the device settings. Why do I need a prefix? This prefix will distinguish between normal auto reply or webhook auto reply. This device is dedicated for OpenAI chatGPT, can I avoid calling the bot name? YES you can, just choose "No prefix" in the drop down menu. (1) What is the Autoswitch? (default YES) This is to enable/disable the bot to switch sender if the current sender is banned or OFFLINE (2) What is the OpenAI prefix? (default "device->name") This is the bot name followed by “,” (comma) then…

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